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Sadhna Thakrar, CEO

Meet the owner!

Naiya Indian Fashion is owned by Sadhna Thakrar. Born and raised in East Africa to Indian parents, and having lived in the States and India gives Sadhna a unique experience with fashion. Learning to adapt to different fashion trends in different parts of the world is what brought Sadhna into the fashion industry (well that and just a pure love for Indian clothing).

Naiya is in reality Sadhna’s 3rd child. Over the years she’s played around with creating new looks for outfits she’s owned and dabbled in customization for a personal hobby. It’s this that brought her to a realization; that the changing and ever revolving nature of fashion requires something Naiya. Five years ago she set out with a mission to curate clothing that is versatile, amazing in quality and affordable in price. Today she has created the boutique of her dreams. 

Naiya clothing is ahead in style and changing with each season. Affordability is key, and having been raised by a business man and married to another, Sadhna understands this better than most. Pricing at Naiya is competitive to say the least and more importantly quality is never compromised.


Neha Kotecha, VP of Sales and Marketing

Meet the inspiration! 

Every story has its inspiration and Naiya’s just happens to be her namesake Neha. Neha Thakrar now Neha Kotecha (Sadhna’s first child) is the embodiment of Naiya Indian Fashion. Since she was born, Neha has grown up around Indian Fashion. Today she is the VP of sales and marketing for Naiya Indian Fashion. 

Fashion for Neha started with Bollywood and dancing in the flowiest skirt she could find. Being someone who is more casually dressed in her day to day life she takes every opportunity she can to dress up and push the envelope in her Indian attire. This is where her mission for Naiya stems, her goal is to create innovative ways to bring versatility to Naiya Indian Fashion. Follow us on Instagram and and our blog, sign up for our newsletter and get to know Neha from Naiya.

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